The Happy Canyon region boasts an illustrious history – a Dude Ranch respite for Hollywood, a breeding ground for Triple-Crown pedigree thoroughbreds, and the place to secure “simple” alcohol during the prohibition days. It was not until 2009 when the Happy Canyon American Viticulture Area  of Santa Barbara was established, recognized as the next frontier for the Bordeaux varieties.

Proprietor Roger Bower had long been fascinated by the viticultural diversity and geographical grandeur of Santa Barbara County. His pursuit at Crown Point has been to express the unique characteristics and individuality of the region’s preeminent vineyards through farming and winemaking at the highest level.

2001 – Original Plantings

The first plantings at Fletcher Way were initiated.

2009 – An Appellation is Born

Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara became a recognized American Viticulture Area  and is regarded as the next “Bordeaux frontier.”

2012 – Site Discovered 

Roger Bower purchases the Fletcher Way property  and while sitting underneath a tattered pergola perched above the Vineyard, Roger remarked, “I feel like I am sitting at the tip of the crown.” This quip gave way to the vineyard site name, Crown Point. Roger would later create the eponymous Crown Point logo that features a mountain top with a valley, connecting back to his Texas ranching days and branding on cattle.

Vineyard Manager Juve Buenrostro with over 20 years of experience, partners with Roger to develop the future plantings of Crown Point. 

2013 – Inaugural Vintage

Roger expands the Vineyard’s footprint from 26 acres to 45 acres planting the five core Bordeaux varieties – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Petit Verdot via re-grafting, re-planting, and new plantings. Curious and a visionary, Roger planted 14 unique selections of Cabernet Sauvignon, half from the New World and the other from the Old World. In time, Crown Point will discover which selection marries best with site.

2016 – First Release

Crown Point releases the 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon and the 2013 Relevant Red, a blend featuring original Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah plantings that have since been re-planted. The Relevant Red is renamed Estate Selection, beginning with the 2014 vintage.  It is aptly named “Estate Selection” as it is a reflection of site and the varieties planted.

2017 – First Leg of the Winemaking Trio

Regarded Consulting Winemaker Philippe Melka joins the team. Lured by the distinctive place, Philippe joins the team in pursuit of producing wines representative of site.

2019 – Second Leg of the Winemaking trio

Introduced by Philippe Melka, Winemaker Simon Faury joins the Crown Point team. Simon and Philippe previously worked together during Simon’s time as the winemaker at Merryvale in Napa Valley.

2020 – French Winemaking Trio Complete

Simon introduces Consulting Winemaker and famed oenologist Michel Rolland to Crown Point. The French winemaking trio shares an intrigue for this exceptional vineyard and collaborates to produce world-class Bordeaux-based wines representative of place.

Crown Point released the first, 2017 Crown Point Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon – one block, one varietal, and one barrel released to Allocation Members.

2021 – Return of the Relevant

Crown Point releases their introduction wine, 2018 Crown Point Relevant. It is aptly named “Relevant” as it highlights the various blocks and varieties that are “relevant” to the final blend.

Our Ongoing Commitment

We continue to focus on discovery, excellence and quality. Together, we have the extraordinary opportunity to produce world-class Cabernet-based . What distinguishes our wines is the lingering minerality along with ample richness, and an integrated, soft tannin structure. These wines drink well now and will age gracefully for the next 25+ years.