The Art of Vineyard Groundwork

In the serene landscapes of Crown Point, where the vines weave a tapestry against the sky, the commitment to crafting exceptional wines is seamlessly entwined with a profound dedication to sustainability. This narrative unfolds with the announcement of the SIP Certification, a significant milestone in Crown Point’s journey towards responsible winemaking.

SIP, or Sustainability in Practice, transcends the realm of a mere certification; it is a poignant chapter in a story that values sustainable vineyard and winery practices. Beyond the pursuit of crafting outstanding wines, Crown Point embraces a philosophy that resonates with the environment, nurtures local communities, and safeguards the long-term vitality of their vineyards.

The essence of SIP Certification lies in three pillars, each echoing a purpose beyond the uncorked bottle:

Environmental Stewardship: The certification process delves into the intricacies of vineyard operations, delicately balancing water usage, reducing energy consumption, and preserving biodiversity. With each SIP practice, Crown Point lessens its carbon footprint, leaving behind a legacy of untouched natural beauty for generations.

Community Engagement: SIP Certification extends its roots beyond the vines, emphasizing fair labor practices and community involvement. Crown Point takes pride in supporting its local community by offering fair wages and fostering a positive work environment for its dedicated employees.

Quality Assurance: Beyond the realm of sustainability, SIP Certification serves as a guardian of quality. Adhering to SIP standards, Crown Point continuously refines its winemaking processes, ensuring each bottle encapsulates the unique terroir of the region.

The journey to SIP Certification was not without challenges for Crown Point, but it was undoubtedly rewarding. The commitment to sustainability propelled us to explore new horizons, implementing advanced water management techniques and embracing natural pest control methods. The vineyard, once a canvas for grapes, now tells a story of conscientious cultivation and environmental stewardship.

Crown Point extends an invitation to all to join us on this educational voyage towards sustainability. Choosing a bottle of Crown Point isn’t merely an act of enjoying great wine; it’s a declaration of support for the environment and the local community.

To witness the SIP Certification in action, Crown Point welcomes visitors to explore the vineyard and winery. Stroll through the rows of vines, where sustainability takes root, learn about their practices, and savor the results in the form of exceptional wines. Crown Point is eager to share this educational journey with all who appreciate the delicate dance between great wine and a thriving environment.

At Crown Point, the belief is steadfast – great wine should not come at the expense of the environment. With SIP Certification, we proudly raise the bar for sustainable winemaking, one bottle at a time. Here’s to sustainability, quality, and community!

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