Crown Point's wet winter could lead to an exceptional 2023 vintage

Impact of winter rainstorms


Once the estate vines enter dormancy, meaning all the leaves have fallen off and the vines are essentially hibernating, the vineyard can then endure flooding and freezing temperatures, including a surplus of water like we have experienced this year. 

The impact of winter rainstorms on vineyards in California is a positive natural occurrence, and Crown Point especially welcomes it. On the estate, we are fortunate to have well-draining rocky soils and abundant natural quality cover crops, which prevent erosion. As a result of the much-needed rainfall, we welcomed the start of budbreak in late March 2023 with vigorous and wet soils. 


Winter rainstorms are significant for vineyards in California as they contribute to the state’s overall water supply. The rainfall helps replenish groundwater and soil moisture levels, which is essential for the health and growth of grapevines.

Heavy Rainstorms

Heavy rainstorms can cause soil erosion and waterlogging, leading to root damage and other physiological issues. In turn, this can affect the quality and quantity of grapes produced. If the rainfall is too heavy and frequent, it can also increase the risk of fungal diseases that can damage the wood and reduce yields, such as Eutypa. 

Moderate Rainstorms

If winter rainstorms are moderate and well-distributed, they can help balance soil moisture levels, which can help reduce the need for irrigation and promote healthy vine growth, leading to better-quality grapes and wine.



Lastly, winter rainstorms are also beneficial for Crown Point because, over time, the salt accumulates in the soil. With heavy or moderate rains, this is washed away and essentially cleanses the dirt.

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