Our hospitality team recommends the following cheese pairings, as these are the cheeses we feature during our Discover Crown Point tasting experience.

Midnight Moon is a semi-soft, pasteurized goat cheese. Made in Holland exclusively for Cypress Grove Chevre and aged six months or more, this blushing, ivory-colored cheese is dense and smooth with a slight crunch of naturally forming protein crystals, nutty with brown butter up front and a long, caramel finish.

Ewephoria is a firm, pasteurized sheep cheese. This sheep’s milk from the Netherlands is caramelly, crystalline cheese with sweet, nutty tones.

Noord Hollander Gouda is a hard, pasteurizedd cow cheese. This incredibly delicious cheese uses the highest quality milk from the rich, green pastures of North Holland. The land rises from low-lying seas and is especially rich in ocean clay sediment minerals. Milk derived from this region is noticeably sweeter and richer than any other Dutch milk. Aged four years, it has deep flavor with caramel overtones and tiny salt crystals.

Our Winemaker, Simon Faury, recommends the following cheese pairings:

Parmiggiano Reggiano: nothing like the king of Italian cheeses to pair with a lovely older vintage of Crown Point, recommend with the 2014 wines!

Ossau Iraty: one of the great Basque cheese I love with a smooth Estate Selection; it’s great.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Belletoile Triple Cream: triple cream cheese are just so decadent; they are impossible to resist; with Crown Point, it’s such a great match!

Our Proprietor, Roger Bower, loves the Noord Hollander Gouda best. It is easy to find; this pasteurized gouda is a staple in our cheese tasting plate at Crown Point.

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